Phen24 Scam

Is there such a thing as the Phen24 scam? With the increasing popularity of Phen24, there are also increasing rumors that this product is a fake and does not really deliver on the results it promises its users. The simple answer to this is no, the Phen24 scam is a myth. In fact, if you read all the Phen24 reviews you can find online, you will normally find true-to-life testimonials of people who have tried the product and have discovered the amazing weight loss and overall health benefits it holds for their bodies.

Why exactly are there rumors of Phen24being a bogus weight loss pill? Perhaps so many people have grown dubious and cynical of fat burner pills and other weight loss products, that when they stumble across the extensive weight loss features of Phen24, the offer then seemed too good to be true. To understand this better, let’s take a look at the different weight loss features offered by this particular product.,

An inside look at Phen24

An FDA approved product with guaranteed numerical results, Phen24 is a great fat burning product for anyone who would like to shed the extra pounds and look healthier and better as a result. It is able to suppress your appetite at its maximum, increase your metabolism and get your body to burn fat 24/7, and increase your energy levels so that you do not end up feeling drained due to the weight loss.

The combination of these 3 components is already enough to propel powerful results from regular usage of the medication. With the regular use of Phen24, users are guaranteed weight loss results of 3 to 5 pounds per week. With your metabolism working round the clock to burn fat and shed the extra pounds, you should be able to gradually see a trimmer, healthier body emerge from the old you.

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Phen24 Scam: A Myth

To conclude, the so-called scam surrounding Phen24 is not at all true, and most probably originated from people who have not even tried the product for themselves yet. As always, it is always best to see if a product works well for you before completely ignoring it—especially if it is like Phen24, a product that has FDA approval and has tried and tested results.

Yacon Syrup Dr Oz Tests Show Outstanding Success

Yacon Syrup Dr Oz project could be one of the best things that happened to people who are looking for the safest and the most effective weight loss program. The aim of this particular project is to determine if Yacon syrup is really what it claims to be. So far, most of the results show that it really can help people get back to their normal weight as well as their optimum health.

The Yacon root has long been used by people in the Andes region to reduce their weight. For hundreds of years, this root has been a part of their diet for the health benefits it provides. They have proven that this root is not only effective in trimming their waistlines, but is also good at providing relief for other health problems like indigestion and high blood pressure.

In conducting the tests, Dr. Oz encouraged several viewers of his TV show “The Dr. Oz Show” who were into weight reduction to try Yacon syrup for 28 days. The results that these people have obtained were outstanding.

There were 60 women who participated in the experiments. They were asked to take one teaspoon of Yacon syrup every time they take their meals. This involves breakfast, lunch and dinner. They followed this prescription for one month. The wonderful thing is that they were not required to change anything in their normal diet. They were allowed to eat the things that they like to eat. Even their exercise habits (or lack of it) were not intruded upon. All in all, 40 of the original participants were able to complete the one month schedule.

The Amazing Results

After one month, the results were collated and examined. The Yacon Syrup Dr Oz experiments produced incredible results. Here are the things that excited those who were involved:

• An incredible 73% or 27 out of the 40 participants lost weight.

• The average weight loss of the participants was 2.9 pounds.

• 14 women lost five pounds. Some lost even more pounds than the others.

• The average reduction in waist size was 1.9 inches.

• The total weight loss of all the participants was 153 pounds.

• A majority of the participants were satisfied with the results. Around 68% or 27 women have recommended Yacon syrup as an effective weight reduction regimen.

What Makes Yacon Syrup Effective?

The results have validated what the ancients have already known as a fact. Yacon syrup can truly help you get back your normal weight and your optimum health. You should not be surprised at the ability of this substance to do just that because it contains many powerful substances that if used rightly will produce the desired results.

Some of its most potent weight reducing substances include prebiotics, such as fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and inulin. It was found that the FOS concentrations in this syrup are very high. This is perhaps the primary reason why the Yacon Syrup Dr Oz tests were such an astounding success.

Blast Belly Fat on the Beach with these Easy Workouts

Looking to blast belly fat during your leisure time? Next time you take a trip down to the beach with your family and friends this summer get active with these easy exercises!

The best part of working out at the beach is that the sand makes for lower impact exercises, and the added summer heat will allow your body to burn more calories and take your exercises up a level.

You’ll get results faster while having fun while you’re doing it, who can argue with that?

So below are the best exercises and activities I’ve found to be effective on the beach this summer:

This exercise is the holy grail of those looking for the beach body. It is a lower body exercise that can easily be done anytime and anywhere. Here is a great example of a well performed lunge: This exercises targets your glutes, hamstrings, and the quads primarily, and is by far my favourite exercise. Doing this exercise in the sand will also make your workout more effective, involving your balance muscles so you also get a great ab workout.

You really can’t go wrong with lunges on the beach.

Probably the best beach activity by far.

Get your friends together with a net and start a game of beach volleyball. You’ll sweat, you’ll have fun, and you’ll get a fantastic workout while doing it.

Beach volleyball incorporates your entire body and also gives you a great cardio workout. As an added benefit, it also works on your hand eye coordination which transfers into all of your other exercises, which I guarantee will benefit your 2017 summer in many ways.

If you are really adventurous, try standing in a “ready” position for most of the game so there is a constant tension on your muscles.

Beach Running This one is for the adventurous.

Beach running is a serious workout, and much harder than traditional running or jogging. Article source : phenq customer reviews. The sand really engages every muscle in your leg, effectively working your calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core. It is a cardio exercise that will also build muscle. Just try it out for 10 minutes, you’ll see.

It is definitely much more difficult than normal, which is why it is one of my favourite beach exercises.

If the sand is too hot, you can try running shoes, or finger shoes such as Vibram Fivefingers (which I own and love) so it will allow you to go for a little longer.

Push-Ups And what workout article is complete without an upper body workout. The wonderful, all-encompassing push-up is the last exercise on the list for the 2013 summer season.

Push-ups are a fantastic way to use your upper body muscles, and doing them in the sand will guarantee an awesome abdominal exercise as well.

Depending on your skill level you can perform them on your knees, or in standard form, whatever you are able to do. Here is an awesome example of a good pushup: So the next time you hit the beach with your family and friends, or even by yourself this summer, be sure to take 15 minutes out of your day and try out some of these exercises to blast that fat away! You can even reward yourself with an ice cream cone at the end of the day!

The Lazy Raw Foodists Guide Review

The Lazy Raw Foodists Guide is an eBook authored by Laura Bruno that provides readers with a quick guide into eating natural foods that are very easy to prepare and yet enabling you to enjoy the food that you want.

The eBook contains about 192 pages of all the information you need about raw food diets and how you can harness it to benefit your health and fitness.

Since Laura Bruno is an expert raw food coach who has spent years studying about raw foods and eating patterns, you can be assured that this is a healthy approach to achieving a better shape.

Aside from over 45 recipes shared by numerous famed raw chefs in the industry including Cherie Soria, Karen Knowler, Alissa Cohen, and Angela Elliot, you can also get several choices for various subcategories of the raw food diet.

Hence, you can adjust your raw diet according to your own needs, preference, and goals.


1. The book is very practical and easy to follow on your own at home.

By having this raw food plan you can infuse more greens into your diet as well as getting more variety to ensure you keep enjoying them – saving you considerable time from having to plan a diet like this on your own

2. One of the common complaints about raw food diet is that the body will not be getting enough nutritional requirements from other food groups.

To address this concern, Laura Bruno dedicated a chapter called “Deficiency or Excess” to ensure that you are getting the right amounts of nutritional requirements your body needs from your food.

3. There is a wide variety of meal plans available: from soups, desserts, salads, to appetizers – all of which are delicious foods you can enjoy.

4. There are also several variations of raw food diets that will suit the variedtastes of different people. Among the choices provided are 100% Raw Diet, the High Raw Path, 80-10-10 diet, and the Essene approach among others.

5. With the available choices provided in this program, combining foods is made much easier.

6. Preparing or planning you own raw food diet may not only be time-consuming but can also be unpleasant tasting if you don’t know what you are doing.

This program helps you remedy this – giving you less time in preparation and more time enjoying your food.


1. This diet program lacks the exercise aspect that can be combined with your diet to enhance your health and weight loss.

2. This is a difficult diet to adapt for those who are not used to eating raw. Hence, it might be suitable only for those who are currently inclined to eating a raw diet, whether full or not.


If youve wanted to embark on a raw food diet but is hesitant because you lack the expertise to get started, this is the e-book that will provide you exactly the type of information you need.

Plus, it serves up numerous ways in which you can enjoy delectable raw foods items – goodies that you may previously think were not good for you.

If you are a beginner on the raw food diet, there are several pointers provided in the book that would help you cope with the difficulties of adjusting to this new diet.

Aside from that, the program is designed for people who leads busy lifestyles – but are keen on staying healthy and getting fit.

Rapid weight loss for long term weight maintenance

For a long term weight maintenance rapid weight loss is more effective when compared to slow weight loss plan. Studies have revealed that people who loose maximum weights in the very first month are more likely to stay with the diet plan until they reach there desired weight. Fast results are the key points to weight loss.

Exercise and dietary control- rapid weight loss is difficult and maintaining a sexy and fit body is even tougher. You should have a positive outlook if you wish to achieve your goals. You should set a goal that is attainable. Setting impossible goals result in failure.

Consume a lot of water- increasing your water intake is an effective weight loss method. Water helps in shedding the stored fats and speeds up your metabolism.

Adequate consumption of proteins- by eating the right amount of proteins you can rapidly loose weight. Protein helps in toning up your muscles. You burn more calories if you have more muscles. As per latest research when the mass of an individual increases he sheds off more pounds and eliminates more calories.

Plan a practical diet- a chart of the foods that you will be eating should be made. A lot of discipline is required for rapid weight loss. When you make a chart you are continuously reminded of the healthy foods that you have to consume such as fruits, foods and vegetables that contain minerals and vitamins. Do not forget to add water to your chart.

Failure should not stop you- making errors and mistakes are a part of our life. Choosing a rapid weight loss diet is all about error and trail. Move on to the next one if the earlier one is not working for you. Never to give up is the key point.

The support of your family and a proper mindset also help in weight loss.

Losing Weight Is So Important While You Still Can

If youre breathing, you can start losing weight. While this is true, think about how much harder it gets as you get older. Perhaps youre older now, and youre thinking its just too difficult, or maybe youve got a medical condition that makes it harder to drop those pounds. Its not easy for anyone that needs to lose weight, thats for sure.

Too much weight on a persons body brings about all kinds of risks for certain medical conditions. The risk for these medical conditions increase as you age, and so instead of giving up, its time to take action. It might feel impossible, but if you dont do something, youre essentially giving up. Youve made a decision that its not important enough to lose weight right now, and so youre not going to make that decision later when its even harder.

Sometimes people think that since they can handle their weight now, theyll be able to handle it as they get older. Too much weight really takes its toll over time, and all the sudden, you can find yourself in a position where its too late. Think about it for a minute whether or not youve seen people in a worse position than yourself, and imagine whether or not you think they might have given up hope.

Whether youve given up hope now, or whether you think youre fine with the extra pounds, its very important to rethink your situation if youre overweight. Have you tried to lose weight in the past and failed? I may have sounded a little harsh when trying to be convincing, but its a very important step that requires your thinking be in line with hope. Im just trying to convince you to have hope that you can lose that weight.

It might be harder for you to lose weight than most people, but you can do it! What do you know about calorie counting, calorie burn and calorie deficit. Yes, its very difficult to monitor calories and lose weight by eating less. But when you add in calorie burn and focus on exercise at the same time, your calorie deficit will start to help you lose weight a little at a time.

You also need to focus on food choices, food portions and remember, positive thinking. Are you ready to accept the challenge and do everything you can to secure a healthier future?

Top Ways A Weight Loss Clinic Can Help With HCG

Somatmedin-c levels tend to remain steady during each age phase, once an adult passes a certain point, the levels of somatmedin-c fall resulting in loss of energy, loss of tensile muscle strength and loss of overall bone strength. The capacity to heal also decreases greatly. Older people are not the only ones affected by a decline in HGH production. There are some people born with genetic problems that affect their ability to produce enough hormone, as well as people who have had accidents or surgeries that affected their pituitary gland.

People who are affected by a loss of pituitary function also are faced with an overall reduction their body mass. The density of the bone also suffers a decrease as if the person has aged. The increase in weight due to the HGH imbalance creates a higher risk for high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

The FDA has recently approved the Human growth hormone for use in adults. The treatment as been given approval to treat both women and men who are afflicted with hypopituitarism and deficiency of somatotropin. Most health insurance plans cover the treatment as long as the drugs are prescribed and administered by a licensed medical doctor or administered in a weight loss clinic.

Patients who register with our HGH replacement program in our weight loss clinic are offered competent and professional treatment and monitoring under our HGH therapy protocols. We treat people for all sorts of ailments including those with naturally low hormone levels and somatotropin deficiencies. We also offer treatment to patients with recumbent HGH, but those treatments are not covered under any insurance plan.

There are a lot of changes that are generated by the use of HGH. The overall fat in the body is reduced and the lean muscles are increased with HGH treatment. In a recent study, the HGH hormone was shown to have regulated lean muscle mass in a six month time frame at a low dosage with little to no side effects. The total amount of fat also decreased in the same time period.

Most of the fat loss was in the lower belly and trunk comprising of the side, waist, bottoms, and abdomen and back of the patients. There was also weight loss in other parts of the body, but in a significantly lesser percentage. These studies indicate that HGH treatments are effective in reducing fat from hard to reach area that simple diet and exercise are not able to reach.

There are several studies that show there are stunning effects on the muscles and connective tissue of the patients in the studies. There is also an increase in the overall healing of the skeletal system. Patients with fragile skin and ulcers, those with slow healing bones have been noted to have proactive results when placed in the treatments, there is also an improvements to the muscle density and overall strength seen in each o these patients. The overall quality of skin on the patients has improved dramatically and there have been gains in the areas where hair was previously lost.

Should I Use the Paleo Diet?

It seems that there are a lot of trends in terms of diets, exercise plans and the like. Right now the Paleo diet is trending in the healthy eating world and some people are singing its praises. Before dissecting the pros and cons of the Paleo diet, let us first take a look at what it is.

What Is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet is essentially a diet based on the way our ancestors ate. The Paleo diet stresses avoiding processed foods the way our ancestors did in the caveman days. In the modern take on the Paleo diet, the guidelines as to which foods to eat or avoid are the basis of how to eat to be healthy. Take a look at most any Paleo diet and you will likely see the following list of foods to eat and those to avoid:

Foods to Eat



Lean Meat


Nuts and Seeds

Healthy Fats

Foods to Avoid

Processed Food and Sugar






Dissecting the Paleo Diet

According to Men’s Health, all but one of the items on the list of foods to avoid is consistent with what they think. The only food on the ‘avoid’ list that they agree with is processed foods and sugar. It should be said that they are aligned with all the foods on the ‘eat’ list. In fact, Men’s Health says that there are foods in the ‘avoid’ column that they believe are fantastic for you. So why the discrepancy?

There are some benefits to each of the foods (sin processed food and sugar) that the Paleo diet tells us to avoid:

Legumes- a great source of fiber

Starches- ‘resistant’ starches have been shown to heal the colon, prevent cancer and diabetes

Dairy- excellent source of protein

Grains- eating the right types of grains, like high fiber grains, offer a lot of fiber and other nutrients

Alcohol- in moderation, alcohol has been shown to have healthy benefits to the heart

The Takeaway on the Paleo Diet

Demonizing entire food groups means that you are ignoring the details. With many foods, the devil is in the details. The Paleo diet may indeed work well for many people but this does not mean that outcasting good foods that have a bad rep when used improperly is the right thing to do. The bottom line is that people need to make smarter decisions when presented with the foods they can eat. In reality there is no magic diet that will make you healthy and lose weight. Don’t look at diets as so black and white or you just may miss out on the true benefits of the foods you are avoiding.

Healthy Weight Loss Tip

If you are trying to shed a few pounds once and for good, here are a couple of easy tips on how to lose weight and keep it off.

The first tip is remove all sugar products from your diet. Sugar is really high in calories, it has no beneficial value whatsoever and there’s no point in using it. Remove not only the spoonfuls of sugar that you are adding to your coffee, also check all packaging for the presence of refined sugar. It can be well hidden. Unless you are on The Maple Syrup Diet. Maple syrup and molasses have a high in mineral content and is much better for you than bleached, refined white table sugar. The second easy tip to lose weight is to get rid of all those high-fat, high calorie, low nutritional value junk food items from your kitchen. These are only going to lessen your chances of doing well in your diet program. Add these couple of easy tips to your diet program and they should help you to lose weight.

The fastest way to lose weight is the healthy way. It’s much easier to put weight on than it is to take it off. Here are a couple of healthy weight loss tips which will help you to take off a few pounds.

First of all, weight loss should be healthy. The first tip is not to skip meals. This is especially true of breakfast. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It gives your body the kick start that could be, giving it the energy to function. You breakfast should be the most nutritious meal of the day.

Another healthy weight loss tip is to remove any saturated fat from your diet. This means switching to lean cuts of meat, such as trimmed steak, or choosing to consume more poultry and fish. The fish will give you additional benefits as well.

Can I really lose weight fast?

To lose weight fast is always going to mean drastic measures. These weight loss tips are only for people who have a small amount of weight to lose in a fairly short period of time. You first need to reduce your calorie intake by half. That means getting rid of all the junk from the house- choosing to eat only vegetables and fruit, low-fat meats, poultry, and fish. Also, eat only whole wheat rice, pasta, and bread.

Next you must exercise for at least one hour per day. During your exercise, you have to get your heart beating very fast for as long as possible. Don’t worry if you are a bit slow at first, you must gradually increase your stamina in order to achieve rapid weight loss. Electric treadmills are great pieces of equipment to own so you don’t even have to leave your house to exercise.