If youre breathing, you can start losing weight. While this is true, think about how much harder it gets as you get older. Perhaps youre older now, and youre thinking its just too difficult, or maybe youve got a medical condition that makes it harder to drop those pounds. Its not easy for anyone that needs to lose weight, thats for sure.

Too much weight on a persons body brings about all kinds of risks for certain medical conditions. The risk for these medical conditions increase as you age, and so instead of giving up, its time to take action. It might feel impossible, but if you dont do something, youre essentially giving up. Youve made a decision that its not important enough to lose weight right now, and so youre not going to make that decision later when its even harder.

Sometimes people think that since they can handle their weight now, theyll be able to handle it as they get older. Too much weight really takes its toll over time, and all the sudden, you can find yourself in a position where its too late. Think about it for a minute whether or not youve seen people in a worse position than yourself, and imagine whether or not you think they might have given up hope.

Whether youve given up hope now, or whether you think youre fine with the extra pounds, its very important to rethink your situation if youre overweight. Have you tried to lose weight in the past and failed? I may have sounded a little harsh when trying to be convincing, but its a very important step that requires your thinking be in line with hope. Im just trying to convince you to have hope that you can lose that weight.

It might be harder for you to lose weight than most people, but you can do it! What do you know about calorie counting, calorie burn and calorie deficit. Yes, its very difficult to monitor calories and lose weight by eating less. But when you add in calorie burn and focus on exercise at the same time, your calorie deficit will start to help you lose weight a little at a time.

You also need to focus on food choices, food portions and remember, positive thinking. Are you ready to accept the challenge and do everything you can to secure a healthier future?