The Lazy Raw Foodists Guide is an eBook authored by Laura Bruno that provides readers with a quick guide into eating natural foods that are very easy to prepare and yet enabling you to enjoy the food that you want.

The eBook contains about 192 pages of all the information you need about raw food diets and how you can harness it to benefit your health and fitness.

Since Laura Bruno is an expert raw food coach who has spent years studying about raw foods and eating patterns, you can be assured that this is a healthy approach to achieving a better shape.

Aside from over 45 recipes shared by numerous famed raw chefs in the industry including Cherie Soria, Karen Knowler, Alissa Cohen, and Angela Elliot, you can also get several choices for various subcategories of the raw food diet.

Hence, you can adjust your raw diet according to your own needs, preference, and goals.


1. The book is very practical and easy to follow on your own at home.

By having this raw food plan you can infuse more greens into your diet as well as getting more variety to ensure you keep enjoying them – saving you considerable time from having to plan a diet like this on your own

2. One of the common complaints about raw food diet is that the body will not be getting enough nutritional requirements from other food groups.

To address this concern, Laura Bruno dedicated a chapter called “Deficiency or Excess” to ensure that you are getting the right amounts of nutritional requirements your body needs from your food.

3. There is a wide variety of meal plans available: from soups, desserts, salads, to appetizers – all of which are delicious foods you can enjoy.

4. There are also several variations of raw food diets that will suit the variedtastes of different people. Among the choices provided are 100% Raw Diet, the High Raw Path, 80-10-10 diet, and the Essene approach among others.

5. With the available choices provided in this program, combining foods is made much easier.

6. Preparing or planning you own raw food diet may not only be time-consuming but can also be unpleasant tasting if you don’t know what you are doing.

This program helps you remedy this – giving you less time in preparation and more time enjoying your food.


1. This diet program lacks the exercise aspect that can be combined with your diet to enhance your health and weight loss.

2. This is a difficult diet to adapt for those who are not used to eating raw. Hence, it might be suitable only for those who are currently inclined to eating a raw diet, whether full or not.


If youve wanted to embark on a raw food diet but is hesitant because you lack the expertise to get started, this is the e-book that will provide you exactly the type of information you need.

Plus, it serves up numerous ways in which you can enjoy delectable raw foods items – goodies that you may previously think were not good for you.

If you are a beginner on the raw food diet, there are several pointers provided in the book that would help you cope with the difficulties of adjusting to this new diet.

Aside from that, the program is designed for people who leads busy lifestyles – but are keen on staying healthy and getting fit.