Somatmedin-c levels tend to remain steady during each age phase, once an adult passes a certain point, the levels of somatmedin-c fall resulting in loss of energy, loss of tensile muscle strength and loss of overall bone strength. The capacity to heal also decreases greatly. Older people are not the only ones affected by a decline in HGH production. There are some people born with genetic problems that affect their ability to produce enough hormone, as well as people who have had accidents or surgeries that affected their pituitary gland.

People who are affected by a loss of pituitary function also are faced with an overall reduction their body mass. The density of the bone also suffers a decrease as if the person has aged. The increase in weight due to the HGH imbalance creates a higher risk for high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

The FDA has recently approved the Human growth hormone for use in adults. The treatment as been given approval to treat both women and men who are afflicted with hypopituitarism and deficiency of somatotropin. Most health insurance plans cover the treatment as long as the drugs are prescribed and administered by a licensed medical doctor or administered in a weight loss clinic.

Patients who register with our HGH replacement program in our weight loss clinic are offered competent and professional treatment and monitoring under our HGH therapy protocols. We treat people for all sorts of ailments including those with naturally low hormone levels and somatotropin deficiencies. We also offer treatment to patients with recumbent HGH, but those treatments are not covered under any insurance plan.

There are a lot of changes that are generated by the use of HGH. The overall fat in the body is reduced and the lean muscles are increased with HGH treatment. In a recent study, the HGH hormone was shown to have regulated lean muscle mass in a six month time frame at a low dosage with little to no side effects. The total amount of fat also decreased in the same time period.

Most of the fat loss was in the lower belly and trunk comprising of the side, waist, bottoms, and abdomen and back of the patients. There was also weight loss in other parts of the body, but in a significantly lesser percentage. These studies indicate that HGH treatments are effective in reducing fat from hard to reach area that simple diet and exercise are not able to reach.

There are several studies that show there are stunning effects on the muscles and connective tissue of the patients in the studies. There is also an increase in the overall healing of the skeletal system. Patients with fragile skin and ulcers, those with slow healing bones have been noted to have proactive results when placed in the treatments, there is also an improvements to the muscle density and overall strength seen in each o these patients. The overall quality of skin on the patients has improved dramatically and there have been gains in the areas where hair was previously lost.